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Don't be fooled by the subtle attempt to shift the blame to the "militants" who are nothing but brothers trying the best way they can to fight off the major coporations such as SHELL from robbing their resources (oil) without just compensation. Not to mention the fact that their enviroment is being totally destroyed! SHELL would never get away with this in America! Why do WE allow it in Afrika?? Boycott Shell and any other coporation that practices this type of behavior.
The World Bank finances Western Corporations as they exploit Afrika's wealth.
Western Debt Relief to Afrika is a scam! Captitalism shows its evil intent once again. Firestone's exploitation of Liberia's rubber. Keep this in mind while rollin on your 20's. Don't be fooled by the black face. Who truly profits from these diamond mines?  
Is your bling bling worth this?
Hershey's, Nestle, Mars & Cadbury exploit slave labor to produce chocolate
Starbucks exploitation of Ethiopian coffee famers--make sure to watch part 2 as well. Is President Mugabe wrong for his continued fight for freedom? Can we all say Imperialism, Colonialism and Capitalism!!  

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