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    Have you ever wondered what caused the Civil Rights/Black Power Movement of the 60's to prematurely dismantle to a near stand still? Does the term COINTELPRO ring a bell? Is it only a coincidence that nearly every Afrikan leader from Malcolm, Martin, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Huey, Hampton, H.Rap Brown, Assata, MOVE, Mumia and a host of others either assasinated, imprisoned or driven into exile with in a 10yr period? Are you aware that many of these leaders are still being held captive in U.S. institutions at this very hour on bogus charges that have long been proven corrupt? Why does the government fear their release? Do you care? Will you join the fight for their release?
-Recolonization Of Africa
-From Death Row 1-3
Leonard Peltier
-Fascism Anyone?
-From Death Row 2-3
Assata Shakur
-The Polk Doctrine
-From Death Row 3-3
Marshall 'Eddie' Conway
-The Puppet Makers
-The War Against us All
Sundiata Acoli
-Why does a war begin?
-Learning from Latin America
Mutulu Shakur
-The Seller and The Sold
-Rushing Off to Babylon More Political Prisoner & P.O.W