Author: Carole Dailey are sorely missed

i miss you Malcolm and black men like you. with all that i am.

you should know that the message cointelpro sought to violently send was well received. revolutionaries will be dead revolutionaries. the fear now paralyzes black men and puts them on their best behavior. most are stunningly well adjusted to oppression as a result.

you, however, struck fear in the hearts of oppressive white men and women. you gave them cause to pause and re-think their course. thank you.

it seems our men today are either elders, corrupt, morally bankrupt, inter racially dating/married and focused on just "living their stress free lives", or so complacent that resisting oppression and the mention of it is more than they can/would like to handle. you know there are even black men that will loudly assert, when given the opportunity that they have achieved due to their merits; not the efforts of men like you, or worst of all they are shameless, false revolutionaries.

one sexist, media seeking, conk wearing (incredulously yes-he still conks his hair) false revolutionary in particular has behaved so disrespectfully, shamefully, and treacherously recently that all black men should feel ashamed and galvanized into action. sadly enough, i don't think most black men noticed or care so complete is their self hatred and destruction these days.

furthermore, our rapists, abusers and murderers yesteryear were mostly white men, today they are black like you. i would venture to say that some black men today, hate us more than any white man or woman could. the hatred they feel for us sometimes permeates the air when we are in close proximity, it saddens me to report.

today, there is still mainly only concern for the suffering of black men by black men; as if they could get to the planet and be nurtured without black women. record numbers of black men have absolved themselves not only of their responsibilities to their women but to their children as well. i think the notion of real, honorable, respectful, protective black love left the collective black consciousness not too long after you left the earth. brothers violently turned on themselves and now their sisters, mothers, and daughters. there is no balance. i am sorry to bring such disappointing news. i really wish it were different, that we were in fact living your legacy.

the upside is that black women can no longer deny the need for us to save ourselves.

Malcolm, i know you would not have been so quiet, polite, or silently stood for black queens and princesses to be disrespected, degraded, and violated. your self respect and manhood would not have allowed it. i could also see your love for black women in your choice in life partner.

you were gone before i got here. i love and miss you anyway. i wish i could have known you personally. you know what i admire the most about you? you knew what you thought without needing a white man or woman to tell you. i miss that. the opposite holds true today.

case in point, the value of black women. white men and women have assigned black women no value; due to the fact that they understand we are essential to the survival of black people. because black men recklessly disregard our history, refuse to think for themselves , refuse to act collectively in black best interests at all times, and are taught to not appreciate, trust, love nor protect black women---they don't. how...child-like, obedient and self destructive. far be it from me not to point it out. out of sheer embarrassment i will spare you the gory details of the complete belief of most black men that white and white-like women are as white men have declared the epitome of value. i feel at times a lot like the female version of pre-Mecca you, with all due respect. i realize that post Mecca period must have been an extremely trying time for you.

thank you for the hope with which your life journey fills me. i know, like spirited men will organize themselves, stand up, and resist. in the interim, i won't/can't wait for black men. i am sure you understand.

thank you for your courage. thank you for your example. thank you for your sacrifice. i know you have heard it since you left, i will say it nonetheless---job well done.

Used with permission