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A People Betrayed - Melvern
African People In World History - Clarke
Africa: Mother Of Western Civilization - Ben-Jochannan
Africa's Gift To America - Rogers
An Unbroken Agony - Robinson
Black Athena - Bernal
Black Bourgeoisie - Frazier
Black Awakening In Capitalist America - Allen
Breaking The Chains Of Psychological Slavery - Akbar
Blue Print For Black Power - Wilson
Genocide In The Congo - Ngemi
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa - Rodney
I Write What I Like - Biko
Introduction To African Civilization - Jackson
Is Bill Cosby Right? - Dyson
Kiss The Boys Goodbye - Stevenson
Malcolm X On Afro-American History - X
Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage Of Imperialism - Nkrumah
One Africa One Nation - Yeshitela
Overturning The Culture Of Violence - Hess
Stokely Speaks: From Black Power To Pan Africanism - Carmichael
Stolen Legacy - James
Soledad Brother - Jackson
The African Origin Of Civilization - Diop
The Destruction Of Black Civilization - Williams
The Philosophy & Opinions Of Marcus Garvey - Garvey
The Mis-Education Of The Negro - Woodson
The Wretched Of The Earth - Fanon
The African Dream - Guevara
The Black Matrix - Jones
The Maroon Within Us - Hilliard
The Spook Who Sat By The Door - Greenlee
The Shock Doctrine - Klein
They Came Before Columbus - Sertima

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